Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)
and Chronic Care Management

Empower your patients and boost your bottom line.

Collect patient health data digitally through Remote Patient Monitoring. InstaClinic RPM and care management makes the process seamless, from identifying and onboarding patients who will benefit from RPM to monitoring data and patient billing.

About RPM

How It Works

Our RPM and chronic care management services include remote patient monitoring devices and full-service patient and practice management support. Our physician leaders help facilitate partnerships with health systems, accountable care organizations, community health centers, and home health agencies to increase healthcare access, add value, and lower overall healthcare costs for patients who benefit from RPM and chronic care management. 

Identification and Onboarding

We partner with your practice to identify patients who would benefit from RPM (About 45% of the average physician’s patient population qualify). We then provide patients with the necessary RPM kit (blood pressure cuff, scale, pulse oximeter, glucometer, thermometer and tablet) to track vital signs daily. Our experienced clinicians and operations staff work directly with your patients to provide RPM kit use training.

Monitoring and Measuring

Data is monitored real time; enabling us to ensure compliance with patient care management plans and continuously evaluate patient data concerning trends.

Intervention and Billing

If we see something concerning in patient data, we take real-time action by connecting patients with your team or supporting patient care through InstaClinic supported telemedicine visits.

Why RPM?

Enable improved care while reducing healthcare delivery costs.

Save Clinic Staff Time

Managing patients with chronic diseases is time consuming. Our licensed healthcare professionals take it off your plate by identifying patients that would qualify and benefit from the program, onboarding patients who choose to participate, monitoring patient data, and supporting your practice when special attention and/or expanded bandwidth is needed through our 24/7 telemedicine service.

Empower Patients with Chronic Diseases

Our highly experienced clinical professionals will work one-on-one with your patient participants to ensure they have a personalized care management experience in the comfort of their own home. We help ease the transition and engage with patients who may not be comfortable with technology.

Reduce Cost of Care, Increase Income

A recent KLAS Study shows that patient enrollment in RPM programs reduces overall costs of care by about 34.5% percent through reductions in hospitalizations, days in the hospital, professional services, and outpatient costs. It also reduces the 30-day readmissions rate by 75%, hospitalizations by 49.5%, and reduces hospital stays by 50%.

Improve Compliance

We help patients remain compliant with their chronic care management plan, which has been shown to reduce readmissions and inpatient stays. This increases provider compliance with quality measures and catches new health concerns and complications faster than regular in-person visits. RPM has been proven to increase medication compliance by 13%.

Increase Patient Engagement
and Health

RPM and Chronic Care Management is proven to improve the overall health of your patients, decrease amount of complications from their comorbidities, and decrease the overall  cost of care. Including RPM in chronic care management improves quality of life for your patients because it allows them to remain independent at home, while preventing complications and minimizing cost of care. Our services lower the barrier for ongoing engagement between you and your patients. Facilities that implement RPM often see a 25%+ uptick in patient satisfaction metrics.

About RPM Equipment

We use Bluetooth ready devices that have been vetted to pair and work seamlessly with our software.  All you have to do is use your own personal smart phone or device and download our InstaClinic app.  You will be able to see your health dashboard, upload your daily vitals and you track your health.



Bluetooth Devices

Some of our Bluetooth ready devices we use:

Digital Pulse Oximeter
Contour Next One Kit
Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
Digital scale
Ear & Forehead Thermometer
Cellular Devices

Some of our Cellular devices we use:

Digital scale
Smart Meter - iGlucose
Smart Meter - iGlucose
Smart Meter - iBloodPressure

Common Applications for RPM

Common Applications for RPM
RPM is designed to support the needs of patients eligible for chronic care management (as defined by Medicare, this is any patient with one or more chronic conditions expected to last more than 12 months).
This commonly includes:

Our RPM and Chronic Care Services are Popular Among:

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