Improve Quality of Life,
Minimize Cost of Care

Collect patient biometrics digitally through Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Who We Are

InstaClinic is a physician-owned virtual care company specializing in the delivery of remote healthcare. We offer a turnkey solution that includes working closely with your onsite team to assist patients in receiving comprehensive healthcare, virtually.

What We Do

InstaClinic offers remote patient monitoring,  chronic care management, and patient care management for physician practices and telemedicine support to pharmacies and other convenient care sites.

What is RPM?

Remote patient monitoring helps practices support patients with chronic care issues at home.


Micro-clinics that combine telemedicine and onsite clinical support.

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Patients can sign up for InstaClinic in select regions by utilizing the buttons below.

How It Works

We partner with your practice to identify patients who would benefit from RPM. We then provide patients with the necessary RPM kit (blood pressure cuff, scale, pulse oximeter, glucometer, and thermometer) to track vital signs daily. Our clinical staff monitors patient data, handles billing, and escalates care when intervention is needed.

Improve not only your patient’s health, but your practice’s financial health with our innovative remote patient monitoring, chronic care management, and augmented virtual services. 

InstaClinic’s physician-led teams power patient-centered care through technology, data analysis, and collaboration. Our innovative, collaborative model  integrates hardware, software, and expert clinical and operational support to empower your patients to manage chronic and acute conditions.


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