Augmented E-Visit

Learn how InstaClinic’s revolutionary Augmented E-Visit helps support pharmacies, school, and employers with providing high quality telemedicine services.

Increase Access to Quality Healthcare, Affordably and Conveniently

Collect patient health data digitally through Remote Patient Monitoring. InstaClinic RPM and care management makes the process seamless, from identifying and onboarding patients who will benefit from RPM to monitoring data and patient billing.

About E-Visits

How It Works

InstaClinic Augmented E-Visits break down barriers and silos in healthcare through collaboration and technology.


We partner with pharmacies, schools, and employers to increase the capabilities of the telemedicine experience by leveraging in-person healthcare team members, on-site lab testing, and telemedicine support. If your pharmacy, school, or workplace clinic is interested in becoming an InstaClinic location, contact us today for a demo.

Why Augmented

Why Augmented E-Visits?

We provide onsite InstaClinic support to augment pharmacy, school, and workplace clinic staff, fusing telemedicine and onsite clinical support.

For Pharmacies

For Schools

For Employers

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